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Railway Outbuilding

Found this small outbuilding a short stroll down a disused railway line nr Great Whelnetham April 2014

IMG_4639IMG_4689 IMG_4673 IMG_4657 IMG_4661

Water Pumping Station

This derelict Water Pumping Station was up for sale last year, visited April 2014

IMG_4707 IMG_4718

Petrol Station

Just for general interest this one! This Petrol Station in Bury St Edmunds has been closed for a while but is not accessible. Visited April 2014


IMG_4620 IMG_4630 IMG_4618

Burlingham Mill

This is Burlingham Mill – Outside shots only on this one. Visited April 2014 IMG_4600 IMG_4604 IMG_4592 IMG_4591 IMG_4606 IMG_4617 IMG_4614